Bldg 1413 Arkansas Ave.
Rm 230

Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday 0730-1630

Closed on Weekends, AFDW Family Days & Holidays

Airman Leadership School

als logoThe CMSAF Donald A. Harlow Airman Leadership School is the sole Airman Leadership School (ALS) for SrA assigned to the National Captial Region. It is a 5-week, 24 academic-day Professional Military Education program, which trains SrA and newly seleceted SSgt candidates to prepare them for accession into the NCO corps. The class imparts Professional Military Education in the areas of Profession of Arms, Leadership, Human Resources, and Communication. Curriculum includes instruction on writing and speaking, interprersonal skills, management skills, aeorspace power, and a myriad of leadership skills. Each class is comprised of up to four seminars with 16 students per seminar.

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