buildingTactical Fitness Center
Bldg 1444 Concord Ave.

Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday 0500-2000
Saturday & Family Day

Sunday & Holidays Closed

Tactical Fitness Area Open 24/7


East Fitness Center
Bldg 3705 Fetchett Ave.

Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday 0600-1400

Weekends, Family Days & Holidays Closed

Fitness Centers

To enhance the physical fitness of base personnel, our fitness center offers a wide range of programs you can take advantage of. The center offers intramural sports, slow-pitch softball, flag football, basketball, racquetball courts and various cardiovascular equipment. Also available are aerobic, special weight training, male and female saunas and tennis programs. We have fitness advisors and certified personal trainers on hand to help tailor an individual fitness program.

Guest Policy
On Your Own Workouts
Biggest Loser Challenge

Unmanned Tactical Fitness Area Information

The Tactical Fitness area is now open 24/7.

The unmanned tactical fitness area is for all authorized users of the Fitness Center (18 years & older) and you must have a valid ID card in order to register. Dependents (16-17 years old) must register and be with their sponsor to enter. Sponsors must be registered in order to take dependents in.

Read an article about the Tactical Fitness Area 24/7 Operation:

Read "Get Fit at the WFC - 24/7"

Guest Policy

Active duty members, dependents 18 years of age and retired members will assume the responsibility of his/her guest.
Guest member must sign into the fitness center. One guest per member only.

Age Restrictions

REF:           AFI 34-266

13-15 YRS OF AGE
All cardio equipment and weight equipment, group exercise rooms: Require interactive supervision from an adult (parent, legal guardian, or youth program staff member/coach) at all times.
**Other activity areas (basketball, racquetball court, running track): Parent or guardian must be in facility.

All cardio equipment and weight equipment, group exercise rooms: Access to these areas prohibited.
**Other activity areas (basketball court, racquetball court, running track): Requires interactive supervision from an adult at all times.

Not allowed in facility with the exception of those facilities providing a parent/child area (PCA) for supervised play and/or those children who are supervised spectators in a sport or special event.

Children age 6 and over are not allowed in the opposite gender locker room/dressing areas.

Personnel, utilizing the facility must be in proper athletic attire. No casual slacks/shorts, jeans, and cut-off clothing. Plastic/rubber suits are not authorized in any fitness facility, to include outdoor running tracks and fields. Military utility uniforms are authorized to be worn during workouts and members may remove their utility uniform coat (shirt); however, t-shirts must be worn. Customers not wearing proper attire will be asked to change or leave the facility.

Eligibility for Fitness Center Use: Age restrictions apply to youth 15 and under. Active duty military members, active guard/reserve and military retirees may sponsor one guest at a time; guest must present a photo ID.


Special Notice on head usage on Joint Base Andrews
Listening Devices: Prohibit the use of portable heads phones, ears, cellulars, iPods, or other listening and entertainment devices (other than hearing aids) while walking, jogging, running, bicycling, skating, or skateboarding on roadways. Using listening devices impairs recognition of emergency signals, alarms, announcements, approaching vehicles, human speech, and outside noise in general.

A variety of running courses are available from a 1.5 mile course to the course that takes you around the base on Perimeter Rd. Running or jogging on the road has its hazards and you must always be on the lookout.  Use the tracks provided or on the sidewalks and when you have to run on the the streets--then jog facing the traffic.

No jogging on Virginia Ave. between South Perimeter Rd. to Arnold Ave.

On Your Own Workouts

Tactical Fitness Body Weight- This high intensity workout focuses on developing explosive power, stronger core muscles, and "practical strength" for daily life and the battlefield. These workouts limit the amount of apparatus used and are appropriate for those who are new to tactical fitness or unfamiliar
with tactical fitness equipment. It doesn't matter if you are new to fitness or have been a gym rat for years these workouts are guaranteed to challenge you.

Tactical Fitness Weight- These workouts incorporate many of the elements of "Tactical Fitness Body Weight" but utilize the full range of equipment available at the Andrew's Tactical Fitness Center.

A Fitness Revolution! Are you Ready?

The Fitness Revolution is to help individuals and entire units meet their fitness goal with some fun competition. You will see all types of incentive programs that meet the needs for people of all shapes and sizes. Do you like to run, walk or jog, we have a new running/walking incentive program for you. Do you like to lift weights and get that "Buff" look? We have an incentive program for you too. How long would it take to lift the same weight as Air Force One?

Biggest Loser Challenge

See who can lose the most amount of weight within a specified time frame. Whatever you like to do, we will have an incentive program that can meet your exercise program and initiative.

Parent Child Area (PCA)

The Tactical Fitness Center has a parent child area. Please see the front desk staff for more information.

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