Peach & Blackberry Picking

Date: 17 August 2024

Time: 10:00am-4:00pm

*Sign-up deadline: 2 Aug 2024

Nothing can beat a freshly picked peach from Rock Hill Orchard! They grow many different varieties, so they have new rows of trees ready each week from early July to early September.

Their farmers’ market provides the highest quality fruits and vegetables that are grown right on the farm, and they hand scoop their own ice cream handmade ice cream with milk from their own cows. They also sell fresh baked pies and fruits & vegetables, and other goodies. We hope to see you there!

They are Montgomery County’s only “Cow to Cone” ice cream shop and dairy. Meaning they make their own ice cream with milk from their own cows! Plus, their A2A2 Guernsey cows are 100% grass fed. 

Cost: $33

Minimum age: 3 years old