Mon-Fri: 9:00am-3:00pm

The ID Card office is by appointment only on Mon-Wed and Fri. Walk-ins are accepted on Thu from 9:00am-3:00pm, or once capacity is reached. Wait times can be long, so please plan accordingly. Appointments can be made at

Closed on Weekends, AFDW Family Days and Holidays

Bldg 1414 Arkansas Rd.
Joint Base Andrews, Maryland 20762
Room 4
(301) 981-1776

Career Development Services


  • Out-Processing (Appointment Only)
  • Initial Assignment Brief (Appointment Only)
  • Passports (Walk-in Only from 11:00am-12:00pm Tue; Closed on AFDW Family Days & Holidays):



  • Mass Brief w/ Article 137 (Walk-in)


Phone (Comm & DSN): (301) 981-5860

  • Out-Processing (Appointment Only)


Retentions (Reenlistment, Extensions, & CSB’s)

For members who are seeking to re-enlist, please log onto vMPF, “Self Service”, “Retentions”, then select “TRAC report” to start your reenlistment paperwork; after this is complete, please contact a retentions counselor at 858-1776 (option 2) to start the paperwork.

If our phone lines are busy, please call back or email your retentions counselor.

​NOTE: First-term airmen can also see if they have an approved CJR under the “Retentions” option on vMPF.

To reach the Retentions Team, please email or call (301) 981-1776.

Initial Assignment Briefing Video

Final Out-Processing Video

  • Extension Worksheet
  • Reenlistment Worksheet


Are you retiring? If so, log into your myFSS, search “General Retirement Information”, then follow the links to learn different info about retirements .

Are you separating? If so, there are two ways to go about it. For voluntary separation (i.e separating on another date other than the end of your contract) log into vMPF, select “Self Service actions”, then “Separations”, then “Voluntary Separation” and on the new tab, you will see a box with some info in it. Select “Earl Separation”.

For those who wish to separate at their DOS, log into myFSS, search ” Initiating DOS Separation”. Please contact the retirements section via email org box provided for a pre-separation counseling.

NOTE: Most all retirement/separation actions are completed through your vMPF/myFSS account and the customer will interact with AFPC directly. Lastly, both process require that you initiate the process as it is not automatic.

COMM: (301) 981-5860

DSN: 981-5860

Retirement Options:

  • Eligibility Review – myFSS
  • Retirement Application – myFSS
  • Change/Withdrawal – myFSS
  • Initial Retirement Briefing – myFSS
  • Pre-Separation Counseling (TAPS) – Airman and Family Readiness Center
  • Survivor Benefit Plan – Airman and Family Readiness Center
  • DD214 application – vMPF
  • Final-out appointment – MFP
  • Skillbridge (optional) – contact education office
  • House Hunting PTDY (optional) – contact finance
  • Terminal Leave – contact finance

Separation Options:

  • Application – myFSS
  • Change/Withdrawal – myFSS
  • Initial Separation Briefing – myFSS
  • Pre-Separation Orders Worksheet – vMPF
  • Pre-Separation Counseling (TAPS) – Airman and Family Readiness Center
  • DD214 application – vMPF
  • Final-out appointment – MFP
  • Skillbridge (optional) – contact education office
  • Terminal Leave – contact finance

NOTE: Only retirees are authorized house hunting PTDY.

Physical Delivery of DD Form 214


1. In an effort to minimize costs and utilize existing technology – effective 1 December 2013 – hard copies of the DD Form 214 (copies 1 and 4) will no longer be mailed out to members.

Since October 2010, separating or retiring individuals could electronically access and print their DD Form 214s. Eliminating the need of mailing paper copies reduces money spent on a redundant process.

2. This policy affects those DD Form 214s that are accomplished at AFPC-Total Force Service Center (TFSC), Randolph Air Force Base only.

For those individuals who are on terminal leave before 1 December 2013, their hard copy DD Form 214s will still be mailed out.

3. During separation and retirement processing, members will receive instructions on how to access, review and print their DD Form 214 as needed.

Copies 1 and 4 are housed on the secure server in the vMPF for a period of 60 days past the official retirement/separation effective date. After the 60 days, members are able to obtain copies from the eBenefits website:

4. Members with an approved retirement or separation should retrieve a USER ID and password allowing access to the AFPC Secure application.

This can be done while still on active-duty by using your CAC, and either entering the AF Portal using the AFPC Secure link, or directly at

On this site, utilize the “Update/Delete Password” tab to generate a new USERID/password. While on terminal leave, the member will be able to access the worksheet and be able to retrieve their DD Form 214 when completed.

5. Those who are not able to use their CAC should contact the A1 Service Desk at 1-(800) 525-0102 (option 8), or dial DSN 665-5004, and be provided assistance in obtaining a USERID/password.

6. The AFPC point of contact is AFPC/DPSOR.

Has AFPC sent you your official orders? Then it is time to schedule a final out for your Retirement or Separation. Members can schedule a final out appointment on Monday, Wednesday or Friday through any Relocations Team member (see below for contact information). After the appointment is scheduled, members will be sent an Outlook calendar invite to remind them of their appointment.

Comm: (301) 981-1776
DSN: 981-1776
*Option 2, then option 4

REMINDER:  Members must attend their out-processing in uniform. Those members not in uniform will not be allowed to out-process. No exceptions.

Outbound Assignments

 Once you have received your official Assignment Notification email from AFPC, members MUST visit their vMPF account within 7 calendar days to review and complete the “Initial Assignment Briefing. Once complete, send Page 8 of the “Initial Assignment Briefing” to your assignments counselor in order to begin the paperwork required for processing your PCS orders.

NOTE:  The customer’s vOP checklist WILL NOT be loaded until you receive your orders.

For all vMPF-related actions, visit your vMPF account, select “Self-Service Actions”, then select the “Assignments link” for various information and required forms for your current, projected, or future assignment. 

Assignment Information Available on vMPF:

  • Application/Assignment

  • Assignment Selection Information

  • Circuitous Travel 

  • CONUS Isolated Assignment Application                  

  • Dependents Remaining Overseas Application 

  • Designated Location Move Application (DLM)             

  • Early Return of Dependents Application (ERD) 

  • Exceptional Family Member Program Application         

  • High School Senior Assignment Deferment 

  • Home-Basing/Follow-On Assignment Application         

  • Humanitarian Assignment Application 

  • Initial Assignment Briefing

  • Joint-Spouse Application 

  • Out-Processing

  • Overseas Returnee Counseling 

  • Report Not Later Than Date (RNLTD) Change Request 

  • Sole Surviving Son or Daughter Assignment Restriction 

  • Withdraw/Cancel Voluntary Assignment

The 316 FSS provides an optional face-to-face initial assignment briefing for all members PCS-ing, to include members on Low-Cost/No-Cost PCS on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1:00pm (excluding Holidays, Training days, and Wing Family days). We also provide a mandatory mass out-processing briefing for all members PCS-ing every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9:00am (excluding Holidays and Wing Family days).

Members must contact their assignment counselor to be scheduled for respective appointments.

REMINDER:  Members must attend their out-processing in uniform. Those members not in uniform will not be allowed to out-process. No exceptions.

To best serve our customers, the Assignments/Separation team also provides telecom out-processing by appointment for members who are OS or are geographically separated by two or more hours from Joint Base Andrews NAF Washington.

Active Duty Enlisted Quarterly Assignment Listing (EQUAL) Plus Listing Information:

The EQUAL-Plus listings are updated on a weekly basis and arranged by grade and AFSC. EQUAL-Plus was designed to supplement the Enlisted Quarterly Assignments Listing (EQUAL) by advertising special assignments (i.e., joint and departmental service requirements, special duties, and all chief master sergeant assignments).

EQUAL-Plus displays upcoming requirements, any special qualifications a person needs to be eligible for selection, the available locations, reporting instructions, and points of contact for additional information.

EQUAL-Plus also advertises MAJCOM/AFPC controlled special duties (i.e., instructor duty, recruiting duty, duty with the Thunderbirds, postal duty, Air Staff/MAJCOM positions, defense attache duties around the world, etc), and short-notice overseas assignments.

To apply for an EQUAL-Plus ad, log into your AMS account.

To reach an Assignment Counselor, please call (301) 981-1776, (option 2), then Opt 4, or email:

USAF JB A-NAFW AFDW-STAFF Mailbox 11 FSS-FSMPD Career Dev Element:

Promotions (Officer and Enlisted)

As Air Force members, it’s important to keep your record accurate, especially if you’re meeting a Selection (for officers) or Evaluation (for SNCOs) Board; and who knows your record better than you?

If you find discrepancies in your Data Verification Brief (DVB), ensure that you bring a source document to the MPS in order to have your records corrected.


For more information on the in-system supplemental process, visit myPERS at In-System Supplemental Information.

To view the Promotion Eligibility Chart and find out when you are eligible for the next rank, click the following link: myPERS WAPS Eligibility Chart

For more information on Enlisted Promotions, to include WAPS testing, how to request your SNCO selection folder and BTZ information, visit the myPERS Promotions Home Page at myPERS Promotions Home Page, and select the item you wish to read.


To receive the best and most up-to-date information, we recommend that customers visit the myPERS Officer Home Page and select the item you wish to read. 

To reach the 316 FSS Promotions Team, please call 858-1776 (option 2) or email:


NOTE:  Passports take 6-8 weeks to process, with Visas taking an additional 4-6 weeks to process.

Personnel and their families who do not apply with enough time to process Passports/Visas may be impacted and have their departure delayed or terminated.

After you have been notified that your Passport/Visa is ready for pick-up, contact the Passport Agent ahead of time to ensure that they will be available.

Non-Passport Agents are NOT authorized to release passports/visas to personnel; therefore, it will save you time and effort if you contact the office ahead of time to ensure availability.