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Sponsorship Opportunities & Marketing


Mon-Fri: 8:00am-3:30pm

Closed on Weekends, AFDW Family Days and Holidays

Bldg 1414 Arkansas Rd.
Joint Base Andrews, Maryland
Room 3

Commercial Sponsorship & Advertising:

(301) 456-4636


(301) 981-9440


Click here to be taken to information on how to submit a Marketing request through our Ticket System.

Sponsorship Opportunities and Marketing

The 316th Force Support Squadron has long been a leader in developing programs for Air Force personnel and their families, and is dedicated to providing quality programs and activities to members of the military population.

View the Commercial Sponsorship and Advertising Brochure (above) for more information on sponsorship levels as well as pricing and sizing specifications for both print and digital advertising services offered by the Marketing office at the 316th Force Support Squadron at Joint Base Andrews.

Due to increases in print material costs, pricing for print services are subject to change without notice.

Please call the Marketing office at (301) 981-9440 to get the latest pricing for these services.

The 316th Force Support Squadron has long been a leader in developing programs for Air Force personnel and their families, and is dedicated to providing quality programs and activities to members of the military population.

These programs can provide a variety of opportunities to showcase your merchandise while developing product awareness and brand loyalty.

The 316th Force Support Squadron Marketing Office can facilitate your direct access to the military market and offer a solid return on investment.

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Either solicited or unsolicited; Solicited sponsorships are initiated through public advertising by Services for offers of sponsorship with more detailed, formal contracting or procurement procedures. Unsolicited sponsorships are initiated by a vendor with a general interest or specific offer for a particular event or program.


The outside corporate underwriting of FSS Services & Activities events via money, goods, and/or services (or a combination of the three) in exchange for stipulated marketing, public relations, and merchandising campaigns. It is a means for corporations to communicate with target markets through the use of special events that involve audiences, spectators, or participants in recreational or cultural pursuits.

DISCLAIMER:  With both types of commercial sponsorship, disclaimers must be announced or posted on all written/printed material stating that the Air Force does not officially endorse the sponsor’s name, products or services.


With commercial sponsorship in today’s military, companies have another vehicle to reach their target markets. This marketing strategy complements a company’s sales promotion, advertising, and public relations efforts.

As a part of this strategy, commercial sponsorship costs are shown under a company’s advertising and promotion accounts, not under corporate contributions, which are gifts and donations. Corporations which provide gifts, donations and contributions may not receive public recognition or endorsement from the Air Force.

Other benefits of the commercial sponsorship program include:

  • Direct access to the hard-to-reach military market through programs or events.

  • Maximum exposure and visibility for your products or services through name and logo recognition, product sampling, and passive promotional displays.

  • Event title recognition in official base publications and other publicity materials.

  • Direct mail and couponing benefits.

  • Possible off-base promotions and corporate advertising benefits.

  • Air Force-wide sponsorship opportunities.

  • Recognition in news releases and other publicity materials.

  • Opportunity to sponsor Services events on an annual basis.

Click here to view information on how to place a Sponsorship Request.

Marketing Ticket System

The Marketing Ticket System (found at is used for submitting work requests to the 316 FSS Marketing department. Any and all requests (including printing, designs, promotional materials, website updates, sponsorship, etc.) MUST be sent through this system.

Click here to find learn more about Studio 316 Requests (for non-FSS and Appropriated Fund [APF] FSS customers).

Click here to find out more about Sponsorship Requests.

Please review the following prior to submitting a ticket:

  • Internal FSS Marketing requests (from Non-Appropriated Fund [NAF] facilities) MUST be submitted 45-60 days prior to the event or publicity date. Please allow up to 2 weeks for your request to be processed. To submit a request for a NAF 316 FSS flight/facility, select “Submit Marketing Request Ticket” on the Marketing Ticket System Main Page, and choose your facility (or most applicable category) from the drop-down menu. If your request is NOT for internal FSS (NAF) marketing purposes, then you must submit a Studio 316 request (see Studio 316 Requests below).

  • Any project requires a MINIMUM of 10 business days to process. Any request that has a turnaround date of less than 10 business days will be reviewed by the Marketing Director, and will need to be submitted as a “rush order”. To submit a rush order in our Ticket System, select “Rush Order” in the drop-down menu on the “Please Choose Your Facility or Most Applicable” page (found here).​

  • Please ensure that your flight chiefs and/or appropriate leadership are aware of your request prior to placing your ticket. This includes both marketing and sponsorship requests.

  • If you are part of the 316 FSS and are requesting a change to your flight/facility’s webpage here on our website, please select “Submit Webmaster Request Ticket” on the Ticket System main page (or click here), and specify which page on the FSS site you would like to have updated in the “URL on the Website” field. *Regular requests will be processed within 48 business hours. Emergency web requests (< 2 business days) will only be processed after approval by the Marketing Director.

  • Please note any reoccurring dates in the “Event/Program Details” section; specify if the event occurs daily, weekly or monthly. Please be as specific as possible when describing your event.

  • Under “POC Direct Phone”, you may enter a DSN, commercial number, or a cell phone number.​

  • Our standard poster size is 22”x28”. This is the size of the poster frames located in our FSS facilities.

  • If you already have a document that you are requesting prints of, please attach the document in your request and ensure that ALL information in the document is correct before submitting it.


Studio 316 is an external printing service for non-FSS and Appropriated Fund (APF) FSS customers. *The FSS mission is our primary duty, and we reserve the right to decline or postpone non-FSS work orders. Click here to be taken directly to the “Submit a Studio 316 Request Ticket” page in our Ticket System.

Pricing is subject to change. Please contact Studio 316 at (301) 981-9440 or at for rates prior to submitting a ticket.

After submitting your marketing ticket (via the instructions above), you will receive an invoice for your request. If you are paying with GPC or credit card, then you MUST pay at Outdoor Recreation.

Present your invoice to make your payment, then (once you have confirmed that your order is ready for pick-up) bring a copy of your receipt to the Marketing office, and you may retrieve your order.


Sponsorship requests MUST be submitted 6 months prior to the event date. Sponsorship is only to be used by NAF facilities.

Please check with the sponsorship coordinator to see if your activity/event is eligible for sponsorship PRIOR to submitting a request.

Click here to be taken directly to the “Submit Sponsorship Request Ticket” page in our Ticket System.

An After-Action Report is required by facilities that were supported with Sponsorship. Reports are to be submitted within 7 business days after the event has taken place. After-Action Reports can be submitted through the Marketing Ticket System (click here).

For more information on Sponsorship Opportunities at Joint Base Andrews (such as types of sponsorship, pricing, and sponsor benefits), go to the top of the page.

IMPORTANT: If you already have a document that you are requesting prints of, please attach the document in your request and ensure that ALL information in the document is correct before submitting it. If a print job turns out to be incorrect, and the fault lies with the customer, then they will be required to pay for the print(s) again. *To ensure that the document is printed correctly, please send attached documents in either PDF, JPG, PNG, EPS, SVG, or Adobe file types (PSD, AI, etc).