Tandem Skydiving

Date: Saturday, 18 May 2024

Time: 9:00am​​

*Sign-up Deadline: 2 May*


Jump with us from 13,500 ft. Your adventure begins after you fill out some paperwork, watch a short video, and then a USPA-certified tandem instructor will take you through a ground training session. You will then board the aircraft and ascend to your chosen jump altitude! As your aircraft climbs to altitude, be sure to enjoy the breathtaking views of the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic coastline.

You are now close to reaching altitude, and your instructor begins to fasten your harness to the parachute system built for two. The door opens and you and your instructor will jump out of the plane harnessed together in a special parachute system built for two people!

You will fall for almost a minute and reach speeds up to 120 mph. After the parachute opens you will glide through the sky towards the earth for 5-7 minutes! Land back on the ground, get unstrapped from your instructor, and ride that adrenaline high for the next week! Plan to spend at least 2 hours from start to finish.

Registration is required.


General Information:

Meet at Skydive Chesapeake 24030 Racetrack Rd in Ridgely, Maryland 21660 NLT 0900. You must be 18 years of age or older and must bring a valid GOVERNMENT ISSUED PHOTO ID to jump.


Age/Height Requirements:

All tandem students must be under 240 lbs.


$110 per person

Registration Information:

ODR MUST secure a minimum number of participants two weeks before the trip date. Please register as soon as possible to ensure availability and minimum requirements are met.



Active Duty (including Guard and Reserve), Retirees, DoD Civilians, eligible contractors, and all their Dependents. Each eligible ID Card holder can sponsor a non-ID card holder, so grab your friends and neighbors, and reserve your seats soon!


*Register in-person at Outdoor Recreation (1235 Menoher Dr). Refunds/Cancellations are not applicable after the registration deadline.